Hello, friends I'm Sudeepa Shiranthaka and I’m here with another CTF challenge. This called LAMPSECURITY ctf4 and it’s a boot to root beginner-level challenge. You can find this box from Vulnhub.


  • Network scanning and enumeration

Network scanning and enumeration

First, we scan the network for getting the target IP. You can use netdiscover for that.

In this article, I will discuss what is open source software and why we should use it. And also I will share some best open source software you can use.

What is Open Source software(OSS)?

Open Source software(OSS) is a kind of computer software that releases source code under a license where the holder of the copyright grants users the right, for any and any reason, to use, sample, modify, and distribute the software.

Examples of free software license / open-source licenses include Apache License, BSD license, GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License, MIT License, Eclipse Public License and Mozilla Public License

People often get confused due to the ambiguity surrounding the term Cloud Computing. Here In this article, I am referring to actual computing solutions that are used by organizations, companies, or even individuals. Microsoft Azure (previously known as Windows Azure) is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It offers a wide range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage, networking, and more.

When you first start learning a new subject in Information Technology (IT), you’ll usually begin by studying the underlying concepts (that is, the theory). …

Kioptrix is a boot to root challenge which you can download from Vulnhub. You can download and install it on your virtual machine.

In this article, I am going to configure a proxy chain by using Tor.

But before move on to the article, I want to tell you one thing, this is only for educational purposes, and don’t use this for any unethical purposes.

What is a proxy chain?

Proxy chains give anonymity to anything we perform on the Internet. It may be browsing the web, performing SQL Injection, performing brute force, etc. A proxy chain can contain various types of proxy servers like SOCKS v4, SOCKS v5, HTTPS, etc.

Proxy Vs Proxy chains

Proxy -Usually proxies are found in browsers. This…

In this article, I thought to write about 10 important Tools that can use for Bug Hunting Journey or pen-testing process.

Information Gathering or Reconnisence is the most important part of penetration testing. It is important to know about the information of target scope such as IP addresses, subdomains, DNS information, available open ports, etc.

  1. Nmap

Nmap is a free and open-source network mapping tool that can use for network discovery and security auditing. This is used to determine what hosts are available on the network, the services running on those hosts, information about the operating system (OS version).


What Is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or virtual cash is a digital asset designed to work as a platform of exchange, which uses strong cryptographic algorithms and it helps to ensure secure financial operations more than traditional currency.

A computerized cash is a progressed or virtual cash that is ensured about by cryptography, which makes it practically hard to phony or twofold spend. Various computerized types of cash are decentralized frameworks reliant on blockchain advancement, an appropriated record actualized by a unique arrangement of PCs. …

Are you ever head about a botnet? how it works? Why we should know about a botnet? If you can’t answer any of these questions you should be aware and ready to know about it. So, let’s find.

what is a botnet🤔?

A botnet is a collection of internet-connected devices including personal computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and other Internet of Things(IoT) which are compromised by thousands of malware. This inter-connected network is used to spread attacks like DDOS, phishing, email spam, brute-force attack and also malware by a person known as botmaster. A botmaster is the person who controls…

Have you ever used the internet? Do you own a smartphone? Have you ever texted someone or made a call? Do you have any social media account?🤔

If you answered yes for any of these questions, you have been sharing your private, sensitive data with the world. There have plenty of benefits when someone shares his or her data with the outside world. It may help to easier day to day works and help to manage works with engaging other people. But it is not without risk. First, Before we talk about data protection let’s talk about what is data?🤔

What is Data?

The ministry has confirmed COVID-19 cases in Sri Lanka rises to 43(on today). The government has taken the right privileges to prevent coronavirus and to eradicate this epidemic. According to the reports the first case was found in the Colombo area. “A Chinese lady, who is in her 40s, arrived on the 19th as a tourist and fell ill on the 25th and was confirmed as having the coronavirus following a test on Monday,” Sudath Samaraweera, the chief epidemiologist with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health, adding that this marks the first confirmed case in the island nation. …

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